Home Sweet Home – Injury Update

Injury Update – I thought I’d update you on my health status since my last post a couple weeks back. Many of you will remember that I suffered a serious thigh muscle injury walking into Zubiri and I had to discontinue my Le Puy to Santiago trek.

I am doing well and am now able to walk up to 12km at a time. I am still experiencing some numbness in the injured area however with physio and exercise this should eventually return to normal. It’s been a huge adjustment going from 30 to zero kms at a time so I am very happy to start showing improvement.

I have included a few recent pictures of essentially my back yard as I live 30 seconds from the beach and 2 minutes to Stanley Park.

Life is good. Thank you all for your support during the return to non-Camino life.

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Leaving El Puig

I had a great visit in El Puig this week. I completed some great post-Camino rest for my injured thigh muscle. Still have some recovery time ahead of my however I am well on the way to good health.

It was tough saying goodbye to Jose and Ann last night. Thank you for a stress free visit and being able to sample paella twice in 7 days was estupendo!


I took some extra time yesterday to give myself some photo reminders of how nice and tranquil El Puig is.

Flying to Frankfurt today via Lisbon. One last night in Europe until I return home to Vancouver.

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My rest and recovery period in El Puig has been progressing very well.

Today I went on a solo trip to the old city centre of Valencia. One word – Beautiful. That word describes very well the old city area. Very historic with just the right amount of modernity and old classical lines. Of note is the Mercado Central. I had a wonderful time visiting the market.


I also love the old train stations in Europe and Valencia fits that like category very well.

Last update for today. Out for dinner tonight at the local Chinese restaurant. I felt the need for my fix of Asian cuisine. The other people on the patio were Chinese Nationals visiting the local area and utilising El Puig as their stopover for the night.


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El Puig

Hi gang,

Arrived in El Puig (a bedroom community to Valencia) safe and sound. I was looked after very well by the local Spaniards in making my way from train station to train station.

Great to see Jose and Ann once again.

A few photos to keep you interested.



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Pamplona and injury rest days

My time in Pamplona has been very quiet. Essentially conducting maximum rest for my leg with short and slow walks around the historic centre of town. Good news is that my leg is healing however I am very happy that I have put a halt to Camino 2018. Tomorrow I am off to visit Jose and Ann for a week in El Puig (pronounced as L Pooch) just outside of Valencia. I met Jose and Ann during Camino 2013. I was Jose’s witness/best man for his wedding at Manhattan City Hall. Looking forward to seeing them again. Real nice people.

For the data types out there I walked approximately 800km in 31 days.

I am flying home from Frankfurt on 14 June. Once again thank you for all your support during Camino 2018. It has been very appreciated.

Now a few photos of Pamplona.

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For starters please no comments about feeling sorry for me as I’ve had a GREAT time the last 5 weeks. Today on the walk between Roncesvalles and Zubiri I tore a muscle in my upper left thigh. I am staying in Pamplona for 3 nights expecting a healing miracle however in reality the last 5 weeks has already been a gift from God. What more can one ask. I still expect to go to Valencia to visit friends from my first Camino in 2013 after these 3 days and then back to Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦.
Lastly I would like to personally thank all of you for making this journey so much easier for me. You are truly appreciated.


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Arrived in St. Jean Pied de Port

My Le Puy Chemin section of my journey this year is over. Tomorrow I start on the Camino Frances route in Spain.

I met some amazing people along the journey. Increased my ability to speak French. Practiced German. Ready to try Spanish again.

I’m in great spirits.

Thank you for following along.

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Aroue and Ostabat – Basque Country

The last 2 days I have been walking through the Basque area of France. The scenery via landscapes and houses has been  beautiful. Arriving in St Jean Pied de Port tomorrow essentially ending the walking section in France.

I am looking forward to seeing Spain again however I will be able to look back on my month walking through France with great fondness. I have been treated very, very well. French speaking citizens have clearly assisted me through many situations such as making gîte reservations and to read various notices regarding safety. Truly I have no idea where the last 4 weeks have gone. Obviously I had a great time.

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Hi gang, limited wifi access the past 3 days has delayed any storytelling. Arrived in Sauvelade having completed 28kms. It may seem like a lot from a reader’s perspective however once you’re actually doing the activity it really is just one step after another. Lots to see out here. For some reason this year the amazing flowers displays are what gas atravted me thus far. I have never seen so many roses in my life outside a flower shop.


A couple other interesting photos for you. Any cowgirls out there?


God willing, I should arrive in St. Jean Pied de Port on Friday. That is the village where I started my Camino journey in 2013. That means I’ll be walking over the Pyrénées Mountains on Saturday and will be in Pamplona next Monday. I am staying there for 2 nights.

Thank you all for following along.

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Blowing out the Candles last night

CE38938C-C7AC-4A1F-A7EA-8AC1340223E5.jpegPretty cool end to the day

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