22km Training Walk

Beautiful day for a training walk. Very lucky for me that Rob McKenzie came along for the journey today. Highlight for the day was an early lunch at Brighton Park. Earlier in our walk, the journey took us under the Iron Workers Bridge (formerly known as 2nd Narrows Bridge) via a section of the Trans Canada Trail. The photos don’t do the day justice. Perfect walking day.

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Prospect Point Loop


What a beautiful Camino training day we were presented with today.  After French class today (Monday mornings) Sandra and I walked what I have labeled “Prospect Point Loop”. The route takes us halfway around the Stanley Park Seawall and then we cut across to Beaver Lake, then up Bridle Path to Prospect Point (see photos) and then zig-zagging through the various paths to our way back into the West End. Truly one of my favourite training walks.  As for the weather, we are slowly but surely leaving behind the dog days of winter. Do we even have that in Vancouver. No not really however 2 weeks ago we did receive a generous helping of snow. I have added a YouTube video that I put together a couple weeks ago. Just in case you forgot that yes Vancouver does receive snow.




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7 Week Countdown

Didn’t know how else to title this . What the heck is a 7 week countdown? Beats me?


I have been recruiting more and more friends and family to follow along with me on my Camino 2018 adventure. My “recruiting drive” this weekend resulted in friends from my Camino 2013 walk coming along as well. New countries represented now are Hungary, Spain, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic and Lithuania. My ever increasing followers from my home and native land (from our National Anthem) of Canada is encouraging.

Sandra and I went out for an afternoon walk today, no special reason other that to get some more practice time carrying my pack. Highlight of the day was this was the first day this year that I felt comfortable wearing shorts (love the Westcoast).

As always thank you for your support. Brent

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Pack @ 95%

Getting that much closer.

Sandra and I worked on my pack yesterday.  I really count on Sandra a great deal in regards to deciding what fits and what doesn’t. Much of what I carry has to have at least a dual purpose.

My pack weight is now at ~7kg not including food or water. Speaking of water, did you know that a litre of water equals the weight of a kilogram. I feel real silly that I didn’t making the link. In other words, water really is damn heavy.

Today’s walk with the pack essentially at Camino weight took us around the seawall in Stanley Park. Loved it as always. I noticed the full pack and walked at a snails pace of 5km/hr. Slow for me. All in all, a great day.

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Getting Ready for Camino Version 2

I depart Vancouver 30 Apr 2018 for Lyon, France. I will stay in Lyon for 1 night and then move on to Le Puy en Velay for 2 nights prior to commencement of my first Camino Version 2 day on the morning of 4 May 2018. I have included a map to give you an idea of my planned route. I expect to arrive in St. Jean Pied de Port ~1 Jun 2018 for the first half of this year’s Camino journey. While my ultimate plan is to finish in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, I will leave the second half route decision of Camino 2018 decision until closer to my arrival time in St. Jean Pied de Port.

My plan at this time is not to actually blog each and every day, more so to enjoy the day to day journey and to post from time to time.

My pre-Camino training has me walking ~4 days per week and working out in our apartment gym 2 days per week, leaving one day for rest. It seems to be working as I remain fresh and ready to go.

I thank you for your continued prayers as my departure date approaches. Just over 50 days away now. Yup, I’m excited.


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@ arrived in Santiago



Arrived in Santiago late yesterday. Cried a lot, laughed a lot and generally felt a great deal of pride.

I am staying on in Santiago for a week as I need time to recharge my batteries.I will send updates throughout the week.

Lastly at this time I want to say again, thank you all for checking in with me during this amazing adventure. No one travels alone, family and friends are there to provide emotional support and you have all done that for me, thank you.

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@ Palas de REi

Well I am sticking to the slowing down plan. It is pretty cool to sit outside a typical Spanish bar to listen to the locals and watch the pilgrims walk on by.


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